Inaugural Portland Wild Ale Society Meeting

On October 23, 2013, the Portland Wild Ale Society was established to bring people together with a serious interest in wild ales, sour ales, wild gruits, and lambic beer. We’ll meet to sample classic and new brews, attend craft beer festivals, tour breweries, and share home brews. Occasionally, we’ll also sample “natural wines,” funky ciders, and kombucha.

Are you tired of explaining why “sour beers” are not a “trend” but reflect an ancient and respectable style of brewing? Have all your efforts to brew a sour beer at home failed miserably? Ever sampled lambic, natural wine, and kombucha at a single event? Would you like to meet other people who share your taste in beer? Are you suffering from hop fatigue? Then please join us.

Our inaugural bottle share meeting will be on November 24, 2013. Join our group for more information.

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