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Disney Has a New Star Wars Experience and It’s Free (For Now)

Ever wondered what you'd look like as a Togruta?

Disney is so generous when it comes to Star Wars. Truly, it just gives and gives.

For the cost of a Disney+ subscription, which will soon be available in an inexpensive ad-supported tier, it’s set to keep Star Wars fans well fed with a plethora of content over the coming years.

And now it’s introduced something fun and unexpected for the fans that doesn’t even require a subscription fee, or any money at all…for now.

What Is Disney Introducing For The Star Wars Fans? 

So we’ve all been there. 

. From there, you can see what you look like as a or a . Maybe you’d look nice with some horns?

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Or if you’re itching to go to the darkside, you can choose to get filtered as the Jedi-hunting Inquisitors, who are currently bedeviling Ewan McGregor in the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” miniseries on Disney+. 

What a way to disturb the force.

This filter will mostly be used for sending fun texts between “Star Wars” loving friends. But surely, someone out there will put their photos on their dating profiles. Whatever floats your boat.

Disneyland Star Wars Lead JS

The Filter Is Only Free For A Limited Time

The filter is free until June 7. 

On June 8, the filter will be available exclusively through the My Disney Experience app with the purchase of Disney Genie+ service.

, so you can virtually cosplay your heart out, right from your phone. Select Lenses will be available for up to 45 days after purchase.

Well, now’s your chance!