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Elon Musk Has a Chinese Doppelganger

Yilong Ma has been suspended from Chinese social media because of it, too.

From sexual harassment accusations to some erratic behavior around his intent to purchase Twitter  (TWTR) - Get Twitter, Inc. Report, some longtime fans of Tesla  (TSLA) - Get Tesla Inc Report boss Elon Musk are wondering if he's as clever as he's previously seemed.

Musk has built a massive social media following on his dedication to innovation, free speech, and voicing his opinions as loudly and consistently as possible, and has gained a legion of fanboys because of it.

But while many believe Musk some kind of futuristic tech prophet, some Americans are becoming disillusioned with him these days.


Something about his content must have offended TikTok owner ByteDance, however, because his accounts on Chinese social media sites Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, and Weibo, a Twitter-like platform used in Asian countries, have been banned.

Ma responded by moving all his content to TikTok, which has not banned it — yet. All his uploaded videos have millions of views.

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Ma is clearly hopeful that Musk will notice him again. 

His latest post shows him in a suit standing next to a black Tesla, and the caption says, "I want to take my brother for a ride in my Tesla!"

," uses the technology to striking effect as Lamar flawlessly transforms into several other Black men in it, including Kanye West and O.J. Simpson, proving just how easy it is these days to "become" someone else.

, a non-binary British internet personality, admires Korean superstar band BTS member Park Jimin so much that they had plastic surgery to resemble the artist, down to having their eyes redone to resemble Asian eyes. 

, BTS' parent company, and posted that they identify as "trans-racial."

“I just want to make Jimin proud as well," London said in a YouTube video after the surgery. "Jimin is my ultimate idol and I want him to be proud. I’m sure he’ll be proud that I look exactly like him now."