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Lil Nas X And Taco Bell Want You to Change The World

Just this once, you can tell Lil Nas X something.

In the summer of 2019, Lil Nas X emerged from the digital ether to take us all with him to the reminding us all again about the freedom offered by both social media and unfettered horses. 

During his ongoing benevolent reign, the man born Montero Lamar Hill made it abundantly clear, given every opportunity, that you could, in fact, tell him nothing.

But now Lil Nas X has decreed that, for a brief window of both time and purpose, he is now willing to hear his subjects out. 

The rapper has teamed with Taco Bell  (YUM) -  and the social entrepreneurship non-profit agency to give other ambitious young people a chance to pitch their ideas for social change.

Applicants will be able to receive feedback on their ideas and learn tools to create social impact and network with other youth activists. 

Additionally, they will be invited to virtual learning sessions to deepen their change making knowledge. 

All applicants are encouraged to apply as a team. 

Ideas will be evaluated on criteria including creativity, commitment and connection to the issues they are tackling. 

The top 25 teams of two receive an undisclosed amount of funding, and will be invited to network and pitch their ideas at the Ambition Accelerator Summit on Nov. 3 through Nov. 6 at Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine, Calif. 

Both Taco Bell fans and team members are encouraged to participate in the program.

​​"This is a program for the dreamers and disruptors," said Lil Nas X in a statement. "Be delusional and chase your dreams, and find the right support you need along the way, which just might be from Taco Bell."

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Does Taco Bell Really Want To Change The World?

The fast food industry has long had a charitable side, even as the question as to whether it’s genuine altruism or a public image campaign is always up for debate. 

The Ronald McDonald House Charities is the most prominent example of a fast food charity.

But since 1992 the Taco Bell Foundation has given out more than $130 million in grants and scholarships, focused on education and career readiness. 

Yum Brands' market cap is $116.34 billion.

The Ambition Accelerator is open to ideas for tackling climate change and social inequality, which are hot-button issues that some conservative people tend to downplay or dismiss. 

And the brand has chosen to partner with an openly queer musician who famously loves to flummox his socially conservative critics.

His video for the hit single “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” depicted Lil Nas X traveling to hell via a stripper pole, where he proceeded to murder Satan via lap dance. 

from the University of Connecticut’s 

and youth activism is more

While businesses have traditionally played it safe and tried to both-sides it so as not to alienate customers, that’s increasingly becoming untenable. 

Just ask Disney CEO Bob Chapek.

So if you’re going to have to pick a side, do the math and pick the side that your customer base is on.