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NASDAQ Composite News

'Stranded' Fuel Could Boost Energy Stocks

Syntroleum and Rentech see profits in converting gas and coal into liquid fuel.

Nasdaq Says Bad Trades Justified Corinthian Halt

It asks the SEC for more authority over shares it lists. Others cry foul.

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Crypto: 46,000 People Lost $1 Billion to Cons in 15 Months

Scammers are taking advantage of the crypto craze to line their pockets, FTC says.

American Nightmare: It Costs How Much More to Buy a Home?

Sky-high home prices are driving younger buyers out of the market.

Musk Endorses Fellow Billionaire in Los Angeles Mayoral Race

The CEO of Tesla has become one of the most influential voices in the world.

The Roblox Gaming Platform No Longer Sees Clearly

Roblox's shares are down 71% since January.