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Volkswagen Wins Surprising Trophy Against Tesla

Volkswagen blows by Tesla in tattoo Instagram posts, while Ford's Mustang roars by everybody as the most tattooed car model.

Volkswagen  (VWAGY) -  is needling Elon Musk.

The German automaker recently blew by CEO Musk's Tesla  (TSLA) -  in a major category.

'Incredibly Passionate'

Sales figures are all well and good, but the two vehicle making giants threw down on something that really matters: tattoos.

by Zutobi, an international driver's education company.

"Some people are incredibly passionate about cars, from the moment that they learn to drive through to owning their last vehicle," Zutobi said. "Many of these car fanatics have a particular car or car brand that they prefer above all others, a dream car or brand."

Consequently, Zutobi said, "the temptation to transfer this passion to your body by way of a tattoo is extremely appealing."

Volkswagen racked up 6,058 Instagram posts, way out in front of Tesla, which pulled in 3,284 such posts.

"Despite being one of the newest kids on the block, Tesla has made a big impression on the market and on people’s choice of tattoo," Zutobi said.

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Mustang Muscles Up

Jeep, whose parent company is Stellantis  (STLA) - , came in third with 2,946 Instagrammers, followed by General Motors'  (GM) -  Pontiac at 2,093 with GM's Cadillac rounding out the top five at 2,001.

Pontiac is the most popular tattooed car brand that no longer exists, having ceased production in 2010.

"Getting tattoos of car brands is popular on Instagram, as we discovered 89 separate automobile manufacturers to have at least one tattoo post on the social media site," Zutobi said in its report. "The mean average score was 305 posts, with the top ten brands all having over a thousand posts."

Now, if you're interested in the most tattooed car models, that's a different bucket of ink.

Ford's  (F) -  iconic Mustang left everybody else in the dust with a stunning 16,614 Instagram tattoo posts.

This is hardly surprising, Zutobi noted, "as the king of muscle cars has captured the imagination of petrolheads for almost 60 years."

GM's Chevrolet Impala followed with 1,069 and Volkswagen Audi's TT, the most tattooed European car, had the third spot with 968 posts.

Chevrolet's Camaro had 241 Instagram posts and BMW's M3 had 205.